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Comprising of complimentary opposites, thus creating a balance and union.  This defines Paladin Deception Services.

Paladin Deception Services was founded by Tim Green, a licensed and experienced private investigator.  As a detective, Tim honed his skills in covert surveillance and subtle deceptions (impersonations and pretexts) to expose the arts of deception.  With the establishment of Paladin Deception Services, he cultivated these same skills for use in counter-surveillance and the creation of sophisticated, covert acts of the art of deception itself.  Thus the Yin and the Yang, the completion of the circle, the whole.

Tim is still very active with the highly trained team at Paladin Deception Services, offering consultations, advice, and the organization of data for our clients.  Ironic as it may sound, he is an honest and ethical stalwart in the business of deceit and disinformation.

Equipped with world savvy, the latest technology, and a genuine empathy for our clients' concerns and objectives, we at Paladin Deception Services provide you with professional, innovative, and affordable operations.  We are highly skilled in our craft.  We are true to our art.​

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