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You Create: We verify!

If you had to leave a former residency under less than favorable circumstances, you have undoubtedly limited your chances of obtaining the rental home or apartment that you currently need. 


If you are moving to a new area, but you haven't yet landed a job; once again, you will be automatically disqualified to be a tenant.  Or maybe the salary you earn isn't high enough to meet rental qualifications.  Same story.  Same rejection.

Here's where we can help:


We provide professional, detailed, and highly articulated landlord references that are explicitly tailored to meet the requirements of any prospective landlord.


With our Package 1, here's what you get:

Unlimited consulting and assistance with our team dedicated to your project.  This includes our agents assuming the role of a current or former landlord, or even a fake employer.  Your past or present rental history, your salary, even your character qualities, are reviewed and rehearsed, then provided over the phone to a prospective landlord or reference checking service. 


With our fake landlord references, we set up a dedicated phone line and voicemail with the area code that you desire.


After we make contact with a prospective landlord or reference checking service, we provide you with a summary of the call.


We're highly confidential, and we will explain to you how we keep our fake landlord reference legal!


We will also explain to you how we can make our fake landlord referral appear real, even if an internet search is made to verify any residence that you use for your fake landlord reference.


Our fee for our premium Package 1 is only $79.


This includes 30 days of taking and making calls on your behalf for as many calls as you generate our way.  If you still need us after one month, our fee drops down to only $39. per month.  Same amount of service.  Same dependable quality!


Get started today with your individualized fake landlord reference!


For a free consultation call:  651-285-4904


Or email Paladin Deception Services here:









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