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Thank you for your interest in Paladin Deception Services.
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Free Consultations


Here's how it works:

Step 1:  Call us for a free consultation.

Step 2:  Paladin Deception Services will then email you the client data that you need to complete so we are able to tailor a package just for you.  In addition, we'll also send you a TERMS AGREEMENT document that will be considered your endorsement of agreement upon purchase of one of our packages.

Step 3:  We will contact you again to confirm the data we've acquired and to fill in any gaps that could lead to any detection of your fictitious reference, white lie or alibi.  We will also complete your payment of $69.00 via credit card or debit card, or we can send you a Paypal request for payment.

Step 4:  We will set up your package and notify you when everything is in order, which can normally be implemented 24 hours after we receive the necessary information.

You will then have the assurance that Paladin Deception Services will take unlimited calls on a dedicated phone number in the city of your choice.  The phone number will also include a dedicated voice mailbox. 

We will update you with every call we receive and transcribe to you the details.  We have subtle, yet effective techniques for every issue you require. 

We're certain of your satisfaction!








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Hours of Service:

Monday through Saturday

8 AM - 6 PM Central Time

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